10 secrets of getting things done by a smarter worker

Memoona Sajid
2 min readSep 13, 2021


Don’t you want to see yourself on the list of people who accomplish great things without putting in a lot of effort? Don’t you want to achieve the same things as a hard worker achieve but without working hard? Of course, the answer is a big yes. You can beat hard workers by doing smart work just by learning some skills. Isn’t it worth it? You can become a smart worker by developing the talent of time management.

Hard Work VS Smart Work

A smart worker has good management skills because he knows time is the essential resource one could ever have. By understanding the importance of managing time more appropriately, the smart worker makes most of his time. How they manage their time cleverly is a big question? Following are some insights into how smart workers utilize their time.

1. The first thing they do is to find a distraction-free area where they can work more productively.

2. Procrastination causes unnecessary delay in one’s action. The people who work smart know how to deal with Procrastination.

3. A smart worker is well aware of his limits.

4. They make their to-do list and assign time to each task to make every task time-bound as it helps one stay focused.

5. They manage their surrounding in such a way that it boosts their productivity.

6. A smart worker is familiar with the 20–80 principle which means 20 percent of the most crucial work leads to 80 percent of work progress.

7. They also don’t let unimportant task drain their energy.

8. They are pretty aware of the time when they feel more productive and get their maximum work done at that time.

9. They don’t waste their energy on those tasks that give them a false feelings of productivity like e-mails checking and social media.

10. At the end of the day, they track their performance up to what extent they succeed in their task.

One can quickly adopt these habits in order to practice time management skills. By doing all the above-mentioned tasks, one can become a smart worker in true essence.