It’s about my beautiful journey

Memoona Sajid
3 min readFeb 20, 2021


“Wherever you go, you take yourself with you.” — Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book

The journey

Every journey you have ever started would definitely take you somewhere. After reaching your desired destination, you would be feeling proud of your achievement and all the sufferings and hardships you have face would change into happiness. For me, the most important thing for every journey is the road you take to travel on to reach your desire destination and this line always reminds me of 1 Bollywood song “Safar khobsurat hay manzil say b” because, on your way to your destination, you're learned a lot. Even sometimes, the road you have chosen could take you to the wrong destination but this will also end with teaching you some life long lessons.

Looking back to December 2020, when I have started my Amal journey, I couldn’t imagine this journey will leave such a positive impact on me that I am enjoying now. The things I have learned during this journey will stay with me until I die. Now, my journey is about to an end and I want to say this loudly joining the Amal fellowship is the best choice I have ever made. Here, I am going to share my first two weeks of my fellowship Journey.

Connecting the dots:

In our session, we were asked to draw our life map. I was very excited about this activity.

Prerequisite for Activity “Life Map”

My Amal Diary:

I have a habit to write down some amazing experience of my life in my diary and during online courses offered by Amal, I noted down some quotes in my diary. I would love to share some favourite lines that are a source of motivation for me as well.

One page of my diary

These above-mentioned lines are shared by some different personalities in Amal courses, I am so inspired by these and after reading them I feel so motivated and this page helps me to stay focus on my track.

Random Acts of Kindness:

I’ve learned a lot of new things from the Amal journey. However, the thing that inspired me more is how we can be more kind to others and for this, I’ve read the article named “101 Easy Ideas For Random Acts Of Kindness” ( This article share 101 random and small act of kindness that you would feel happy after acting on these. I also performed one activity where I had to do some acts of kindness. I also shared that article with my friend circle because knowledge increase when you share it with others.

Sharing of Knowledge

Edhi Sb’s way of Living:

In order to achieve something significant or to make difference, we have to make deep sacrifices as all the good things need tradeoff. The most inspiring personality Edhi Sb and the sacrifices he has made are unforgettable. The best part of this fellowship is knowing Edhi Sb’s sacrifices. I really love his words “Don’t lose yourself for a minute”, which show how he was passionate, determined and committed to his work.

Edhi Sb’s Case Study