#JustStart Your Goal

Memoona Sajid
2 min readDec 19, 2020

Are your Goals Smart Enough? What does this actually mean? To develop a clear understanding of it, let’s dive deep into it. Smart goals mean is your goals Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relatable and Time-bound. This picture might help you to get an idea of what this SMART goal means.

Hopefully, you have developed your understanding of what does this SMART mean. You can implement this concept on every aspect of life where you want to achieve any objective. I would like to share my experience of how I use this concept to make my goals SMART enough. Here, we go……

Specific: Firstly, you have to identify a specific goal that should be meaningful and impactful. Similarly, I have picked one of my personal goal that is I want to overcome procrastination, it will definitely help me to achieve my professional goal as well.

Measurable: Secondly, set a measurable quantity you want to achieve. For my goal, I will try to make my To-do list on daily basis, along with this, I will be checking my performance like it is going as I planned.

Attainable: Thirdly, what other resources you need to attain your goals. According to my goal, I will prioritize my task and by doing this, it will be easy for me to understand where to start.

Relatable: Fourthly, it means what is the ultimate objective of your set goal. It is fulfilling the needs what you are trying to do. As per my goal, I want to overcome procrastination because I want to complete all my task effectively and efficiently without getting delayed or without pushing myself into stress and pressure.

Time-bound: Last but not the least, put a time restriction on your goal. Let’s say you want to achieve it till 15 January 2021. I also have set a timeline for my goal which help me to stay bound within the time limit.

After getting a deeper understanding of each component of SMART Goal, it will be easy for us to achieve any objective which you might have set for your personal or professional development. This concept helped me to make my goal smart and it seems I will be achieving my this goal soon. From now on, I have started working on it and inshAllah I will overcome my procrastination soon.