Exercising leadership at “I” level

Memoona Sajid
2 min readDec 19, 2020

A few days back, I got a chance to enrol in a course name as “Everyday Leadership: How to lead without Authority” with the help of

. This course really broadened my perspective of leadership because I always used to think a leader is someone who creates an impact on a global level now, I came to know that leadership is something we can practice at a small level, yes at “I” level and “leadership is a choice that we make every day”, it is also about doing small acts of kindness. Yes, Small acts of Kindness matter.

The other thing I have learned from this course is that if you are looking to start your journey as a leader the best place to start your journey is your house, yes it can be your own room where you can show a sense of responsibility without getting authority. Yeah! Am going to start my leadership journey at I level. Here I go…

Being a student, I have to spend much time on my studies as well as on my study table. It is looking quite massive right now.

A lot of things hereon the table want my attention. Let's give it a try. Firstly, I am going to organize my books and notepad. After organizing books and notepad, there are some rough pages on the table, so its good to throw them in the dustbin. Oh, My table is looking neat than before. But work is not finished yet. Now, I have to act upon my Bhaiya’s advice and for that, I am going to attach my laptop with an LCD because he think the laptop has a smaller display as compared to LCD, it's good if you attach your laptop with LCD to get the bigger picture, this way you can be more focused on your study while studying on your laptop.

Finally, I have fixed all the things.

Now, my study table is looking more neat and comfortable for study. Everything is where it needs to be. Now, I can easily focus on my next study-related task.

The lesson I have learned from this exercise is leadership is something you can practice at I level, start taking small responsibilities so that you can prepare yourself for taking more responsibilities in the future. I also learnt discipline is important in every field of life.