Let’s Keep the Hope Alive

Memoona Sajid
1 min readDec 25, 2020


Clothes are one of the basic needs of a human being for covering and protecting the bodies from climate and environment. Quite sadly, many less privileged people especially those living on the street, by the roadside cannot afford to buy clothes for different reasons. Donated clothes are the only way for those people to wear and survive in harsh conditions.

There are so many institutes working on it already, but still, there are some areas left where poor people need these necessities like clothes. The focus is to cover those left out areas of Lahore.

Problem Statement: Distribution of clothes among needy people

Clothes are the basic needs of any human beings, poor people cannot afford to buy clothes for a different reason, donated clothes could help people to survive in harsh conditions.

Theory of Change:

People have not enough resources, by providing them with this basic need of clothes, they will be able to live in a harsh environment. By collecting clothes from affluent families and distributing among the poor.