Practising Amal Kindness

Memoona Sajid
2 min readDec 12, 2020

It’s been an honour for me to be a part of Amal academy which is influencing me in several aspects of my life and am trying to create the best version of myself. Where this fellowship is helping us to grow personally and professionally, we also assigned some interesting and amazing activities. Here, am gonna share my experience how it feels when I was practising Amal Kindness. Live life the way you want to live and do most pleasurable things which give you happiness, inner satisfaction and shine. Start realizing the importance of how yours random and short act of kindness become a source of happiness for you.

  1. Inspiring personality

I thanked my teacher for the effort she had put on me and helped me to succeed in my life.

2. Sharing of knowledge

If you have learned something new, do let others know about it so that they can get benefit from your experience. So, I shared the post of 101 Random Act of Kindness on My Fb.

3. Help others

You can show your kindness to the people who are working in your society for you and try to help them by buying the products they are selling. I got a chance to visit a market near my home and one person who was selling surgical mask to meet his ends, It was good to help him by buying these masks.

4. Appreciation

I was collecting data on some topics, so I found 1 website that was quite helpful for me regarding my data collection, so I thanked them for sharing that article with us.

5. Tea Party

I am younger in my sisters so get little chance to cook something for my family but when I was telling my sisters, let me make tea for you and they were like WOW!! Moona hmry leye chae banaye gye….Can’t express that feeling

By doing all these acts of kindness, I really felt inner satisfaction.