When it becomes difficult to say Goodbye

Memoona Sajid
3 min readFeb 28, 2021


Though the 3-month fellowship journey I started back in December 2020 has been ended now but it's my life has begun to change and I am constantly struggling to create a better version of myself and this journey helped me to emerge stronger than before.

This journey was 3 months long, I can easily count all the sessions but it a bit hard to count my learning because I learned a lot during the fellowship that helped me to grow not only personally but professionally as well. Again, it's a bit difficult for me to put my learning into words and I guess it’s impossible for me to give words to all the memories I made during this fellowship because we can’t express emotions into words.

Learning through Sessions:

Every session brought something new to learn and thoughtful discussion took place on the online course-related topic where everyone was free to share his or her thought. In one of our session, my program manager organized activity and asked us to identify the problem you were facing at that time and after that, she asked us to come up with solutions to that problems. This activity helped me to shift my mindset from problem-focused to solution-focused. Now, whenever I have to face problems, I try to identify a solution to them at my earliest to avoid uncertainty later and without wasting my time on overthinking, I actually start implementing those solutions by keeping in view the power of just start.

Learning through Amal courses:

The most loving part of this fellowship was doing Amal online courses because offered courses helped me to broadened my perspective of thinking and I’ve learned something new in each course that’s why every course is very dear to my heart. One of my favourite course is “Leadership: How to Lead without Authority”, via this course I came to know about the new definition of leadership that is Leadership is something that we can practice at “I” level and we don’t even need authority to lead.

Learning through connecting with fellows

When you interact with someone, he or she shares his experiences and learning with you and in return, you also do the same. This is how the exchange of ideas and learning take place. Talking with other people is like you are reading a book and a good chance to learn from their life experiences. This is what I observed during my fellowship. Through connecting with my fellows, I learned a lot from their real-life experiences and I also learned how to share constructive feedback and the power of gratitude and how to show kindness.

Batch 164 is like a Family💖

The journey has been ended now but the learning and memories I have made will remain alive in my heart and one thing I can proudly say that is I know Bacth164 will be there to help me out whenever I need them.